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Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden urgently needs your help to campaign for her freedom and the freedom of everyone in Sierra Leone. Please donate today. Please also share this post widely and encourage others to donate. Your contributions go solely to the campaign. The donations are fully audited by independent auditors, the Blyden Family, and the Campaign Team for #FreeDrBlyden, which is the only official group endorsed by Dr Sylvia Blyden. Monies raised will be used for the campaign that promotes Dr Blyden’s work, not for personal expenses or legal fees.

We are deeply concerned about the continued incarceration of Dr Sylvia Blyden, since 1st May 2020, in Freetown high-security prison under harsh conditions amid her deteriorating state of health, after she was “kidnapped” and “dragged’’ out of her family home in Freetown by armed security forces. The arbitrary arrest and the subsequent detention of Dr Blyden were connected to trumped-up charges brought against her by the government after she called on Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio to respect democracy, human rights, and to take more appropriate measures to tackle COVID 19, in the public interest.

The establishment of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), following 11 years of bitter civil conflict, was appropriate, necessary and highly significant for the healing of a traumatised nation. The report of the TRC highlighted the government corruption during the years leading up to the conflict, the desecration of the constitution, the perpetuation of injustice and the pillaging of the country's wealth. The Commission called upon the Ministry of Justice, including judges and lawyers, to defend the rule of law (paragraph 176 of the TRC). The Commission’s findings challenge us, as a nation, to learn from the past and to reinforce the belief that the past cannot, and must not, be forgotten. This is the time for the country to come together to promote a prosperous and united Sierra Leone guided by unity, freedom and justice. Everyone is needed to come on board and have a voice in the governance of the country, regardless of tribal and political affiliations.